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The Early Baroque: Echoes from 17th Century Cathedrals

The choice of this musical era, and these two master composers, from which to draw a concert program is a rare treat for Jefferson City audiences. This is in part because little music preceding the late Baroque era is standard repertoire, and the musical skills to perform this music, especially in the vocal and brass writing, is exceptional.


Monteverdi’s music was startlingly fresh, abandoning much of the formal discipline from the previous (15th) century—a ‘pure science of relationships’ in the words of American musicologist Lewis Lockwood—in favor of emotionally expressive music that served the meaning of the text. In the case of Monteverdi’s madrigals, the music and text are achingly poignant, and one must hear this to appreciate the truth of this statement.


All noble brass writing through to the present finds its origin in the brass composing of Giovanni Gabrieli who was famous in St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice for writing magnificent works that split brass choirs into every available corner of the cathedral for dramatic spatial effect. SPO will present seven of Gabrieli’s brass works, some containing twelve independent parts and instruments simultaneously, in the authentic antiphonal style within the Central United Church of Christ.